Frequently Asked Questions
What is Yellowbux?

Yellowbux is an online advertising platform where advertisers can reach thousands of potential clients and skyrocket their sales and traffic while our members earn cash for each advertisement they view on the site along with many other income options. Members can earn from referring others, watching advertisements, joining variety of contests , playing Yellow Grid and also get bonus for their activity. Like : 30 days active in site , and everyday post comment on forum.

How does it work?

Register/Signup your Yellowbux account and log in into your account. You can start by Clicking Ads from the menu View Advertisments. Click on a advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes. Confirm the captcha by matching the image and your balance is credited! As soon as your account balance reaches the minimum threshold you can make a request for payout.

Who can join?

Anyone who passed age 18 can join as the member of Yellowbux . All International members can join. Anyone who want to earn real $ without Invest members and invest members all are welcomed here.

Can I create more than one account?

No, having more than one account is not permitted and if caught both will be deleted. If we detect multiple accounts from the same IP both accounts will be closed. Please do not join from public networks such as schools or other public places.

Can anyone else join from my home?

Any attempt to create multiple accounts by the same IP within the same internet connection are not allowed. If any member of your family or house would like to join our system, they are welcomed to do so, however please keep in mind that only one account can view advertisements within 24 hours, others in the same IP/ Connection / House will have to wait another 24 hours to view ads.

Can anyone click instead of me?

Sure, we understand people can sometimes be a little busy and in that case, feel free to ask your friends or family to do you a favor and view your advertisements. As long as you are in no violation of our terms of service, you will be just fine. Nevertheless, please note that any attempt to use bots, auto-click software will be detected and will lead to account termination immediately.

Can I make money from referrals?

Yes as Free Members earn money from their own clicks and for each of their referral's clicks. Upgraded members earn more and this is the suggested way to earn as you will earn much much more.

Why am I not getting credited for my referrals clciks?

To get credit for your referrals clicks you need to login each day and click the 4 Yellowbux (Standard Ads) minimum advertisements which will qualify you to earn daily. You can also upgrade to earn more and click less.

Can I change my user name?

No, unfortunately. Once you set up your account with a user name, there is no option to change it. So, if you have not signed up yet, you might want to think on your user name. And keep in mind that we will never let anyone to choose insulting user names.

Can I change my sponsor/upline?

You cannot change your upline under any circumstances. If your upline gets suspended, his/her account will remain in the records in which you are registered.

How often can I click ads?

You can click ads every 24 hours. The ads will reset at midnight (00:00h server time).

How often do I need to log in to prevent my account being closed?

You need to log in at least every 90 days to prevent your account being closed. Account termination is irreversible and all balances will be forfeited.

What is minimum & maximum amount that a members can request for his payment ?

Standard Members can withdraw Minimum$2 and Maximum $10.

Silver Members can withdraw Minimum$2 and Maximum $25.

Golden Members can withdraw Minimum$2 and Maximum $50.

Ultimate Members can withdraw Minimum$2 and Maximum $75.

Yellow Bux Members can withdraw Minimum$2 and Maximum Unlimited Dollars.

When members get their requested payment?

Standard Members can get their payment within 1 to 5 days.

Silver Members can get their payment within 1 to 4 days.

Golden Members can get their payment within 1 to 3 days.

Ultimate Members can get their payment within 1 to 2 days.

Yellow Bux Members can get their payment within 24 Hours.

Why are some of my referrals gone?

If  any of your referral was removed from your account , the reason of loss could occur due to one or more than one reasons listed below.

- Referral is expired.
- Referral's account information was filled out with false/fake data.
- Referral's paypal/payza account was not verified when made payment.
- Referral was using Autoclick software
- Referral's payment was not cleared by Paypal/Payza Fraud Department
- Referral was found to be offered incentive earnings ( Cashback) by the Upline.
- Referral was suspended due to inactivity. Actually after 90 days inactivity delete account automatically.

Where can I find my referral link and banners?

Click Banners on the left side within your members area to find your referral link and banners.

Or, you can go directly through this link :

How can I retrieve my password?

Click Login from the menu, and proceed to click the link 'Forgot your password?' You then enter your email and your password will be resent to your email associated with your account.

How can I advertise on Yellowbux?

Simply login to your account and within the top of your members area you will see "Advertise" which will show all our current promotions and packages. You will also need to add funds to your account before purchasing anything which can be done within your members area.

What can not be advertised on Yellowbux?

- framebreakers

- adult content

- sites with popups

- racism

- spamming

- forced downloads

What are the payment methods?

You can make desposits/withdrawls/upgrade using Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin.

Can I access my account with a proxy?

No, it is a violation of the Yellowbux TOS to access your account with a Proxy, Vpn or any anonymizing service.  If we detect you using a proxy, you can be banned and afterwards you will also not be able to view any ads, Yellowgird, PTSU work or offers about Yellowbux . Please be sure to disable or completely remove the proxy before you attempt to login to your account.

Can I access my account from different locations?

As long as you are the only one connected to our system via private IP, you will be able to access your account without any problem i.e. Gsm connected mobile phones, tablets etc. However, shared networks such as schools, library, and internet cafes are not allowed. Keep in mind that there could be only one user per computer in the same internet connection. If there are multiple users sharing the same internet, the others will have to wait 24 hours to view advertisements. That is the main reason shared networks are not permitted.

Is my information safe on Yellowbux?

Your personal information including your email address is never given, sold or exposed under any circumstances. Not only your personal info but also your all transaction and payment processor details. You rely on us , we never disappiont you.

Why are my Rental Referrals inactive today?

Yellowbux has a strict no bots and no autopay policy. It is against our idea of honest and stable service. All of our rental referrals are %100 unique and real members who have genuine interest during registration. Therefore, we can't change the AVG results of them nor we can force them to view advertisements everyday. Nonetheless, we use filter so that only active members who viewed at least 10 fixed ads in the last 4 days become available in the rental referral pool.

If you have a low average on some days, it is just because the avg of RR clicks might change from time to time depending on the activities of referrals (members). Unfortunately there is no way for us to tell how they behave in the future regardless of the filter we use. They might just not click certain amount of advertisements when they are busy or they might click all the ads on the following day. 

Studying your rental referrals and managing them based on the stats they produce is found to be one of the useful ways to stabilize earnings. For best results, please consult experienced members via Forum. 

Can I have a refund?

Feel free to contact Yellowbux Team by opening a support ticket. Please note that openning an unlawful chargeback dispute via Paypal leads to permanent account suspension. Legal claims will be filed against the members who misuse the chargeback/unauthorized claim disputes.

Why activate my Pin code?

For security reasons, all members are now required to activate their pin code via settings page. This security measure has been taken in order to protect members' earnings against possible hacking attempt. 

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